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Renzo’s journey began in May 2007 when Remo’s Italian Café in Mt. Edgecombe, Durban, South Africa, was opened in memory of his late brother, Remo Giuseppe Scribante.

Renzo’s passion is found in all things authentically Italian, a love of great food and an intrigue in Café Culture. From an early age this passion was stirred in his mother’s kitchen where he assisted in the daily food preparations found in a good Italian home. This coupled with the duty of clearing the table post Sunday family lunches meant he was destined to enter into the world of the restaurant business.

From a small café with a limited menu, the restaurant grew into an international company. With time, the Rembrothers Group was established which holds the restaurant / retail brands, their consultancy division and their property arm.

Rembrothers holding company was formed from a dream and a vision that is constantly evolving through hard work and commitment. Every member of the team is critical to the success and future of the business. The passion is evident within the brands housed in the group, each with a consistent desire to exceed in all that we do.

What started as a restaurant group has evolved through its people, its passion for business and its tenacity for quality work.

The Cornerstones of our Business

Our Core Values

  • Our People – Their journey
  • Our Culture – Our family
  • Service – Our promise

As a company, We are proud of where we started, two brothers remembering a brother and following a dream. We will not forget the original vision but strive to grow and develop this initial spark. It’s all about re-creating childhood memories, the Rembrothers journey, the people we meet, the time we share and those who will remember us.

Restaurant and Retail Brands

Our consultancy division started when people began approaching our group for retail and restaurant advice. This included financial, marketing, operations, revamps, structures, labour, etc. Soon this grew into designing and building stores for other companies. We now put together full retail concepts and assist property companies with tenancy mixes and layouts. A major component of our consultancy is providing on trend look and feels for retail spaces, which engage with target markets.

Pencil and Co is about helping people step back, overlook their business and going back to fundamental basics that make restaurant and retail sectors perform successfully.

Rembrothers holds property interests in Boutique centres. Rem Prop specialises in development, design and tenant structures creating unique developments.

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