About Us

Our company started as a single restaurant in 2007 filled with an absolute passion to succeed in delivering an out-of-this-world experience. We wanted to take you away to the streets of Italy or to the hip and happening bars in New York. Always with an authentic Italian blood line running through us, we seemed to achieve this and slowly we started creating memories. We continued to deliver grand café style dining in our Remo’s stores. We have a passion for Italian product and a passion for real food. Rembrothers is a company that is growing, formed from a dream and a vision and continues to evolve through hard work and commitment. Every member of the Rembrothers team is critical in the success of this business. As we grow as a family, whatever business Rembrothers engages in, we will always stay true to our people, our culture and our customers. The passion is evident in the team and the desire for good, wholesome food and service is demanded by our loyal clientele. Rembrothers offers exciting opportunities that will challenge your abilities, expand your skills and reward your contributions in an atmosphere that encourages both personal and professional growth for all. We are proud of where we started, two brothers remembering a brother and following a dream. We will not forget the original vision but strive to grow and develop this initial spark. It’s all about the Rembrothers journey, the people we meet, the time we share and those who will remember their experiences with us. Rembrothers – Making Memories.