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Rembrothers Hospitality Group was formed from a dream and a vision that is constantly evolving through hard work and commitment. What started as a small restaurant group has evolved through its people, its passion for business and its tenacity for quality work, into an international hospitality group with concepts specializing in restaurants, retail, consulting and property development.


We are proud of our beginnings; two brothers remembering a brother and following a dream. Rembrothers will not forget our original vision, but strive to grow and develop the initial spark. Rembrothers is all about re-creating childhood memories, the people we meet, the time we share and those who will remember us. Our concepts are born out of this journey.

Remos Italian

Our Italian-inspired eatery is our home – the perfect Italian restaurant to celebrate the love of family with authentic, feel-good food inspired by traditional, Italian cuisine, made by passionate people with real, quality ingredients. Remos is all about celebrating and passing on crucial family traditions, appreciating the kitchen, having family and friends gather around the table; because that’s where everything happens.

Old Town Italy

There was a time when a visit to your local grocery store was more of a social event than a chore. Where the butcher knew your preferences and the baker greeted you by name. A place where product knowledge, a hearty smile and sound advice was given freely. Old Town’s mission is to restore these qualities and rekindle those experiences by offering a hybrid restaurant and retail experience like no other. Old Town Italy is a full service restaurant, gelateria, butchery, bakery, wine shop, salumeria, cheese monger, fully licensed bar and Italian delicatessen all molded into one fantastic food emporium.

Old Town Pizzeria

Old Town Pizzeria focuses on producing great tasting pizzas in the traditional Neapolitan style. The concept was born from wanting to bring a taste of Old Town to the Food Hall scene in the US, an ambassador of the Old Town Italy concept showcasing Old Towns most loved cuisine. Our dough is produced daily using old school methods making sure to never rush the rise. The result is a light, crispy and chewy base. Each pizza is topped with quality ingredients and cooked at 700 degrees by our Pizzaiolos who are passionate about the art and craft of making the perfect pie.

La Dolce Vita Caffe

LDV is an Italian café concept offering coffee, smoothies, freshly squeezed juices and a selection of fine pastries. True to our Italian Heritage, La Dolce Vita Caffe embodies the finer things in life, perfectly blended to create a cup of daily pleasure. We believe that coffee is about gathering every morning with friends, colleagues or family to kick start another day in our busy lifestyles. It all starts with that first cup.

Ricky’s Mighty Fine Meatballs

Fast-Casual with a dash of old world charm. Ricky’s Mighty Fine Meatballs buzzes with energy while serving up good ol’ fashioned meatballs in various formats, from on top of spaghetti to crammed into a sub, you can have it just the way you like it. Ricky’s Mighty Fine Meatballs pays homage to Nonna Barone and her special meatball recipe, brought to you from Foggia, Italy, back more than a century ago. Ricky’s Mighty Fine Meatballs, are really Nonna’s, but please don’t tell anyone!

Salt Water Seafood Co.

East meets west in this seafood concept born from the marriage of a traditional fish and chip shop with a sushi and poke stall. Salt water seafood co specializes in sourcing the freshest, sustainable seafood to cook with. The menu offers grilled fish with a selection of sides and sauces, nibbles, sushi and poke bowls. Selected stores include a fishmonger section allowing our patrons to purchase fresh fish on display daily.

Pencil + Co.

Our consultancy division started through a passion for design and what we love to do, create wonderful spaces. This included financial, marketing, operations, revamps, structures, labor, etc. Soon this grew into designing and building stores for other companies. We now put together full retail concepts and assist property companies with tenancy mixes and layouts. A major component of our consultancy is providing on trend look and feels for retail spaces, which engage with target markets.

Pencil and Co is about helping people step back, overlook their business and going back to fundamental basics that make restaurant and retail sectors perform successfully.

Rem Prop

Rem Prop, a property management focused division of Rembrothers, that holds interests in boutique centres, specializes in development, design and tenant structures creating unique developments.

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